Where's my deposit

Is my deposit protected?

You can find out easily if your landlord has checked your deposit with us. Just enter your tenancy details into our deposit check tool and we’ll search our database to see if we can find your deposit.

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I found my deposit!

Great news. We may already have created a DPS account for you if your landlord or letting agent has given us your email address. You'll be able to keep a track of your deposit and make sure we can contact you quickly if we need to.  To activate your account, or get one set up, you'll need to call us on 0330 303 0030 and we'll take you through the process.

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I couldn’t find my deposit

Your landlord or letting agent may have protected it with another scheme. At Shelter’s website, you’ll find links you can follow to check if your deposit is protected with them.

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If you still can’t find out where your deposit is protected, speak to your landlord or letting agent. They should be able to tell you which scheme they’ve protected it with.


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