Legacy documents - Custodial scheme

If you haven’t been moved to our new Custodial scheme platform and are still using our legacy service, here’s where to access our old Custodial guidance material. You should only refer to these documents if your account hasn’t been migrated to our new platform yet.




Our Custodial scheme terms and conditions

A guide for landlords and letting agents

A tenant's guide to the Custodial scheme

A guide to submitting a deposit

A guide to bulk deposit submissions - Custodial scheme

Bulk deposit submission template (20+ deposits)

A guide to Direct Bank Transfer (DBT)

Custodial scheme - Prescribed Information template

A guide to online Statutory Declaration requests

Reclaiming a deposit - the Single Claim process

Reclaiming a deposit - Joint Repayment

Best practice in deposit protection - a landlord's guide

How we handle complaints